What are D52 Superbowl Tournaments?

Little League believes in the power of youth baseball and softball to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities. - LL International Mission Statement


District 52, which serves San Mateo County and northernmost Santa Clara County in California, firmly adheres and subscribes to the Little League mission statement. Across a normal season each of our 14 Little Leagues upholds this mission and exemplifies the characteristics and behaviors we want our kids to develop through the game of baseball - through sportsmanship, competition, development and teamwork. The D52 Super Bowl tournaments for Majors and Minors divisions are designed to be a collective, cross-LL celebration of our players and coaches through competitive games in two single elimination tournaments. This extension of a normal Little League season affords the chosen players additional practice time, team development, and competition which fuels the future of our youth.


This is meant to complement our All Star teams and get a wider set of players additional experience at a higher level of play through selected teams. Further, it is designed to reflect and support the ideals of the Little League they represent. For some of these kids who have persevered, it will be a reflection of their years of improvement, dedication, and resilience. For others who may have been All Star caliber but weren't able to fulfill their time commitment, it's an opportunity to lead a team and develop additional friendships. For managers and coaches, it rewards hard work and the ideals we hope to impart on our youth in a meaningful and tangible way. And for some kids, it's the most meaningful sporting experience they will ever have.