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Little League fun, developmental, and recreational baseball 

does not need to end at age 12! ​D52 operates divisions for kids baseball ages 13-16 who have completed Majors. In these divisions, teams from different leagues across the district play against each other. These divisions offer traditional rules baseball, including lead-offs, 

unlimited steals, pick-offs and balks. 

If you love to play baseball, and want to have fun playing with your friends and represent your city, these are great divisions for you.

We offer two unique divisions:


Juniors 54-80: This division is primarily for players whose baseball age is 13 or 14. This division features a mid-sized field (80’ bases, 54’ pitching, same as USSSA for 13’s) which fits this age group. This size makes for a dynamic game, and is a great stepping stone to the full-sized field. Juniors teams play a schedule very similar to Majors running from March to early June with games across the district twice a week, which end with a championship tournament. For players selected there are 13u and 14u all-star tournaments in June both of which culminate in an International Little League World Series just like Majors.

Seniors 60-90: This division is primarily for players whose baseball age is 15 or 16. Younger players may play here as well. This division features play on a full-sized field (90’ bases, 60’ pitching). These teams generally play weekend-only schedules to avoid conflicts with the many high school activities. As there are fewer Seniors teams, play is available against other districts in San Francisco, San Jose and in the East Bay. Some teams start in March and some wait until high school seasons are over in mid-May, or a mix of both. Schedules can be customized to your team’s desires. Players need only complete 6 games to qualify for all-stars at this level.


What is great about these divisions is how much growth occurs. We have room for players of all skill levels, and may find they have grown since Majors and are able to compete at a higher level in these programs. Players can also supplement their other baseball programs and still have fun with friends, and play for their local league. 

If you are focused on other sports or activities, but aren't ready to stop playing baseball, you will find opportunities here!

If you are playing in a select "academy/travel" program, and getting good training, but not getting much game time or not getting to play your favorite positions, you can get that with us!

If you are a star player looking for more fun with friends, sign up!

Sign up with your local league. If a league does not have enough players to field a team, they will combine with neighboring leagues. If they don’t have these divisions open, you can reach out to the local board, sign up with a neighboring league or contact D52. Every athlete who signs up will have a home with us on a team!

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